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Rays Large Baseball Bat giveawayBilly Dunn from LIberty Woodworking has manufactured a  9-foot baseball bat, the bat will be given to the Rays player who hits the most home runs. Download


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Liberty Woodworking Inc. is the workshop of Billy Dunn, FL state licensed contractor (CRC1328111), specializing in custom kitchens, built-ins, cabinets, and furniture. I am happy to work with homeowners, contractors, architects and designers who want the job done right. The furniture and some of the built ins you will see here are made with recovered wood, salvaged structural timbers, reclaimed lumber, and local urban timber. Local urban timber is from trees that grew in Pinellas County. See up to the minute goings on and current projects at the Liberty Woodworking fb page Also, please visit my online store

I build high quality custom cabinets for your home. My showroom is your kitchen. During our initial consultation I will show you copies of my licenses, insurance, and references.

Once we establish the style and layout of the project, we will look at real finish swatches, and I will create a scale 3D rendering of the entire project. Before any work starts, you will have in hand a physical sample that will match the finished product, as well as a complete set of drawings. 

 It all happens in my wood shop, right here in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida


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I can build cabinets of just about any style, contemporary, traditional, modern, rustic..
I like everything in Dwell Magazine, so if you find what you’re looking for there, then show it to me and that’s what we'll build for you.           

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Here is just some of our most recent custom woodworking projects.  If you have an idea for a project please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.

PDF Saint Petersburg Times News Article Liberty WoodworkingDownload the Liberty Woodworking Saint Petersburg Times News Article or read this story directly from the source.

Liberty Woodworking in the Saint Pete Times NewsST. PETERSBURG — Driving around town, Billy Dunn scans for "urban timber," trees felled by lightning or disease. Even discarded wood catches his eye. And when he sees possibilities, he calls Pete Richardson who, like Dunn, is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Viable Lumber cooperative in St. Petersburg.

"Most people don't know they have these really exotic, beautiful hardwood trees in their back yard," Richardson says.

Green is durable not disposable. I use only the finest quality materials available, starting with the wood and the finish, all the way down to the drawer slides, hinges, screws and glue. Good material combined with good craftsmanship is a simple recipe for quality. I build things to last.I think it’s common when talking about building furniture with recycled or sustainable wood to instantly think of coconut palm or bamboo. That stuff is neat, but it all comes from China. Local urban timber means wood from Pinellas County.

I have ready access to local urban timber, river-recovered old growth timber, storm-felled, salvaged structural timbers. these woods are usually lighterknoht pine, cypress, live oak, cherry, and cedar. We also see rosewood and other rare varieties from these sources as well.

Industrial chemicals are bad for your health. Until recent years, the less toxic alternatives to traditional finishes and adhesives were also of significantly lesser quality and difficult to work with. Those days are gone. The market is still dominated by cheap Chinese imports loaded with formaldehyde and other dangerous VOC's. I use only U.S.A. manufactured, LEED certified panels for cabinetry, which are far superior quality, formaldehyde-free, and made using timber taken from managed forests. In addition, all our projects are finished with Greenguard certified waterbourne lacquer.

Reduce Recycle Reuse Ever since I was a kid I would scavenge offcuts from construction sites to take home and make into shelves for the basement, a workbench, skate ramp, etc. I am now salvaging offcuts from millwork and turning them into cabinetry and furniture. See what its all about, please visit my wordpress:

I always have some finished pieces of recyceld wood furniture ready to ship on etsy, check it out and place your order today.

Junk products have taken over the marketplace. Plastic and tin rubbish from China that falls to bits when you touch it. Buy the extended warranty so you can just exchange the broken junk for new flimsy junk...

 My mission it to produce the exact opposite. Well designed products combine craftsmanship and quality material. I Build it to last, so you can enjoy it from the first day and every day for years to come.

Liberty Woodworking Inc. is a fully equipped custom wood shop. The labor force consists of me, Billy Dunn, and an occasional apprentice. This old world style of doing things presents many difficulties in these times of mass production, but the end result is a finished product handcrafted with care.

Challenging projects and attention to detail are my specialties. This is much more than a job to me, building has been a passion for me since I was 5. Beyond design and fabrication, everything I build is installed by me personally.

In these times of imports that are mass prodouced overseas and cutthroat competition, it is difficult if not impossible to find a good craftsman.


If it involves wood we can do it.  Wood working in FloridaIn the shop, the focus is on quality and attention to detail. I do the majority of the cutting and fitting of the wood myself. Building with wood is what I like to do.custom woodworking saint petersburg florida


My policy on sourcing material is simple. I buy the best I can find. Tampa bay area is home to some outstanding timber wholesalers, many whom I do regular business with. Once it is here, The wood is carefully selected with regard to grain pattern and tone. On projects that involve veneered panels, these are typically sequenced (cut from the same log), and we will arrange the pieces that are cut out of them to create a continuous look throughout the final product. In cases where there are lots of little parts that are all different, we sort and intersperse them to wind up again with a continuous, balanced appearance.

I have ready access to just about any type of wood, whether its local urban timber, river-recovered old growth timber, storm-felled, salvaged structural timbers, as well as premium quality walnut, cherry, maple, poplar, white oak, red oak, rosewood, pecan, hickory, African mahogany, sapele, ash, beech, cypress, birch, cedar, redwood, teak, bubinga, anigre, several types of bamboo, coconut palm…

There are no hardware upgrade options here. Top notch is the only thing worth buying; you are going to use it every day for a long time.

All cabinets made here are constructed using LEED compliant, 3/4” American made, maple plywood, free of urea formaldehyde additives. Cabinet backs are 1/2” thick in the same plywood, more than double strength the industry standard.


Custom Made Home and Office DoorsDo you have a finish you would like us to match? We can accomplish rough textures or very smooth, polished wood finishes, bright or dark colors, deep wood tones, whatever the design requires. We create custom finish samples for every project. There is no limitation to the custom wood finishes we can produce, starting with clear lacquer on natural wood. (We work with both water and solvent based finishes) We will employ any combination of wiping stain, dye stain, paints, and glazes to produce the desired results. Unique custom color stains are hand mixed for every job. Our distressed finishes are made to give an authentic impression of age and frequent use. When we are given a sample of any finish on wood, or most any surface, we will match it perfectly, its amazing.


We Install all Custom Woodworking Projects, We Install What We BuildWe all shop at the same grocery and our kids go to school toghther. You have my cell phone number, the same one I've had for ten years. Whatever it takes to make the outcome one we're all happy with.. thats why you buy from a local craftsman.

Telephone: (727) 824.7785

6563 46th St. N. #702 
Pinellas Park, FL 33781 
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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 16425
Saint Petersburg, FL 33733

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Billy Dunn
6563 46th St. N. #702
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Telephone: 727.824.7785

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